Invited Talks


Colloquium ‘Cognition and Culture’ (University of Exeter)


Colloquium ‘Philosophy of Cognition’ (TU Berlin): Why Bodily Sensations Still Pose a Challenge to Strong Representationalism


Colloquium ‘Philosophy of Nature and Sciences’ (University of Bonn): Strong Intentionalism and the Issue of Bodily Sensations

Internal Research Meeting ‘New Developments in Experimental Philosophy’ (University of Bern): The Paradox of Pain


GAP  Workshop ‘Mental Representation, Mechanistic Explanation & Situated Cognition’ (University of Cologne): Pain: Why Representationalists Cannot Account for It

PhilSoc Seminar of the School of Philosophy (ANU): The Causal and Functional Roles of Pain


Colloquium of the Institute of Medical Psychology and Behavioral Immunobiology (University Clinic Essen):
Pain Between Neuroscience and Philosophy

Doctoral Colloquium of the Institute of Philosophy (University of Bern): The Integrative Pattern Theory of Pain

Peer-Reviewed Talks


Minds, Models and Mechanisms: Current Trends in Philosophy of Psychiatry (Online; University of Saarbrücken): An Enactive Approach to Chronic Pain: Addressing Conceptual, Methodological, and Therapeutic Challenges (joint work with Dr. Peter Stilwell)

Methodology of Situated Cognition Research (Online; University of Kassel): The Unificatory Value of Enactivism in Clinical Contexts: An Exemplary Study of Chronic Pain (joint work with Dr. Peter Stilwell)


European Experimental Philosophy Conference (Online; University of Prague): The Semantics & Norms of Assertion for Pain Reports (with Prof. Kevin Reuter)


Annual Conference of the Italian Association for Cognitive Sciences (Roma Tre): The Family Resemblances of Pain: A Non-Eliminative Approach


Annual Conference of the Italian Association for Cognitive Sciences (University of Bologna): The Dynamics of Pain

European Society for Psychology and Philosophy Conference (University of Herefordshire): The Dynamic Pattern Theory of Physical Pain – An Empirically Informed Approach

Understanding Value Six Conference (University of Sheffield): The Value of Pain

The Human Mind Conference (University of Cambridge): Challenging the Intentional Approach to Pain: Representationalism and Imperativism (Poster Presentation)

Rudolf-Carnap-Lectures with Frank Jackson (RU Bochum): Challenging the Representational Approach to Pain


European Philosophical Society for the Study of Emotions Conference (University of Athens): Pain and Emotion


European Philosophical Society for the Study of Emotions Conference (University of Edinburgh): Criteria of Rationality and Their Application to Emotions

Talks at Co-organized Workshops


Workshop ‘Investigating the Mind: Pain, Emotion & Affective Disorders’ (RU Bochum): A Space for Pain (Paper Discussion)


Workshop ‘The Nature of Pain: An Interdisciplinary Perspective’ (RU Bochum): The Dynamics of Pain

Spring School ‘Social Cognition, Emotion and Joint Action’ (RU Bochum): The Dynamic Pattern Theory of Pain – Neuroscientific Insights and their Theoretical Implications

Further Workshop Participations


socSMCs Autumn School (Boltenhagen) ‘The Sensorimotor Foundation of Social Cognition’


European Campus of Excellence Summer School (RU Bochum) ‘Memory and Mind: Perception from Philosophy and Neuroscience’

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