Academic Positions


Since 2022

Assistant Professor in Philosophy of Science
Coordination of the Research Master Philosophy of Neuroscience

VU Amsterdam



Postdoctoral Researcher and Scientific Coordinator: Research Training Group ‘Situated Cognition’ founded by the German Research Foundation
RU Bochum



Postdoctoral Researcher: Chair for Philosophy of Mind
Managing Director and Student Consultant: Master Cognitive Science
Scientific Coordination: Center for Mind and Cognition
RU Bochum



Postdoctoral Researcher: The Structure and Development of Understanding Actions and Reasons founded by the German Research Foundation, the Swiss National Fund and the Austrian Science Fund
RUBochum, University Zurich & University Salzburg


2012 - 2014

Student Research Assistent: Chair for Philosophy of Nature and Sciences
University of Bonn


2010 - 2011

Student Research Assistent: German Reference Center for Ethic in the Life Sciences
University of Bonn




PhD in Philosophy (summa cum laude)
Title: Experiencing Pain – A Scientific Enigma & Its Philosophical Solution
Supervision: Prof. Albert Newen & Prof. Colin Klein
RU Bochum



Master of Arts in Philosophy
Specialization: Philosophy of Mind, Nature, & Religion
University of Bonn



Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy/Psychology
University of Bonn



Abitur (equivalent to A level)

Research Stays

March 2022
University of Aarhus
Prof. Somogy Varga

July 2021
University of Zurich
Prof. Kevin Reuter

NovemberDecember 2019
Institut Jean Nicod (Paris)
Prof. Frédérique de Vignemont

April – May 2018
Australian National University (Canberra)
Prof. Colin Klein

September – December 2016
University of Memphis
Prof. Shaun Gallagher


RTG 'Situated Cognition'


Contribution as scientific coordinator on the postdoctoral level to the renewal proposal of the Research Training Group ‘Situated Cognition’ (founded by the German Research Foundation):

(i) contribution to the research and qualification program;
(ii) acquisition of my own postdoctoral project;
(iii) acquisition of a doctoral project.

Workshop Funding


Fritz Thyssen Stiftung

Workshop ‘From Pain to Suffering: Determining the Driving Factors of Burden and Disability in Chronic Pain’ (Charité University Clinics Berlin)


Workshop ‘Experiences of Loss: An Interdisciplinary Exploration’ (Value: 2.950€)


PR.INT Grant of the Research School Plus (RU Bochum)

Workshop: Investigating the Mind – Pain, Emotion & Affective Disorders


PR.INT Grant of the Research School Plus (RU Bochum)

Spring School: Social Cognition, Emotion & Joint Action

Travel Grants


Global Young Faculty (Mercator Research Center Ruhr)

Funded Projects: Research Stays & Conference Participations


International Realization Budget of the Research School Plus (RU Bochum)

Funded Projects: Research Stays & Conference Participations

Invitation of Guest Researchers


Visiting International Professor Grant from the Research School (RU Bochum)

Visiting researcher: Prof. Somogy Varga


Visiting International Professor Grant of the Research School Plus (RU Bochum)

Visiting Researcher: Prof. Colin Klein


October 2018 – January 2019
Doctoral Scholarship: Esser Stiftung

October 2016 – September 2019
Doctoral Sholarship: Barbara-Wengeler Stiftung

October 2010 – August 2014
Study Support: Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung

October 2009 – September 2010


gdf-Award Wilhelm Hollenberg 2020/2021
Awarded for an outstanding doctoral thesis in humanities (RU Bochum)

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